Brown Notices Personal Improvement

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State point guard Lorenzo Brown met with the media to discuss Saturday's game against North Carolina.

Lorenzo Brown

Will it be P.J. Hairston on C.J. Leslie?
I don't know, however they play it. Whoever the four man is, he has to defend him. Good luck to him I guess.

Previous years you worry about them scoring so many points in the paint. Is it weird seeing a Carolina team so perimeter-oriented?
It's definitely weird. I grew up watching them play. They always had a lot of big men down there that were really strong and physical.

It's a lot different for them this year. They have a three-point shooting team this year. That's something I've never seen on their side.

They hit 13 3's against Virginia... is that the biggest key, limiting their 3's?
Most definitely. They're a three-point shooting team, as I said. If we take that away from them it's going to be tough for them to win the game.

On matching up with UNC...
I think our team is pretty fast to switch on them. We have the perfect size for them. C.J. [Leslie] is pretty much a wing player anyway, so I think he'll do fine.

Is this the time you start thinking about peaking for March?
Most definitely. We've had our struggles, and I don't think anything can go wrong now. If something does go wrong then it'll be on us.

On in-season development...
It's just based on a player I guess. If you spend time in the gym and you're working out it'll be on you.

On what he's improved on during the season...
Being a better teammate. In the beginning I wasn't as involved in the team as I should've been but now I'm doing a lot better at that.

What are some of the things?
Just being more vocal and pushing the guys whenever they were down... passing the ball and making better decisions.

On Carolina's surge late in the last game...
I can see they make a lot of strides when they're needed. We got caught up in running, and we got kind of tired. Now I think we have enough players to play, and I guess get back on track when we make mistakes.

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