Gottfried: "We're Disappointed"

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to North Carolina.

"I thought it was one heck of a college basketball game. We're disappointed. I thought my team competed hard and I thought theirs did too."

"North Carolina's players and N.C. State players, I thought they all just competed unbelievably hard."

"We just had a stretch there from the eight-minute mark left there in the second half to just about the four-minute mark, that's four minutes right there, where we had some empty possessions."

"They, in turn, took advantage of that and knocked down a couple of key threes. That little stretch right there I thought was the difference in the game."

"Two basketball teams I thought [were] going at each other pretty hard."

"Nah. If that was the case, like when we played at Florida State the other day, it was the same group."

"Sometimes you just have that were we got the ball right out the rim a couple of times and missed some shots. Scott [Wood] I think hit two in a row then he missed a good look. We just got to have some."

"We had 12 turnovers in the first half. We only had five in the second but collectively we had 17, which is way too many. A couple of those were during that stretch."

"No. I think they did a nice job of getting their hands in the passing lanes. We did try to go inside. We had some post feed passes get knocked away. We had a couple that we were careless."

"Lorenzo [Brown] had those two back-to-back and that's unusual for him."

"Just collectively Calvin had six in the first half and that's too many. That's tough to overcome. Those are possessions where you're not getting a shot at the basket. That was hard for us to overcome that."

"No, I'm not concerned. [Calvin Leslie is] a great player. And great players got to step up and play. Period. I love him as much as anybody, but when you're a good player then you've got to play better."

"Richard gets 17 rebounds today. Are we expecting Richard to get 30 rebounds? Holy mackerel, somebody else got to rebound the ball. Calvin has to step up, period."

"We just got to keep working and playing hard. I like how our team is playing. I like that we're competing."

"We're playing better. We got Lorenzo back healthy now. That was a rough stretch for us without him. Those three games were tough."

"We just got to go back to work and get ready to play a really good team in Boston College. They're dangerous. They're getting a lot better as well. Young players that have improved. We just got to go back to work."

"I don't think he's 100 percent. At this point in the year there's a lot of guys around the country that are banged up a little bit that are playing through it. We've tried to rest him in practice. We'll continue to do that some and pick our spots there. He'll get healthy. He'll get to be 100 percent pretty soon."

"I thought [Marcus Paige] played really well. I thought he was under control. A couple of threes there and his drives to the basket were really I think timely more than anything. He's a freshman, a little more comfortable at home probably, like most freshmen are. He really stepped up and did a nice job today. Played well."

"Just go back to work on the things we normally do. Again, I like the way our guys competed."

"We were up four. I think at about the eight-minute mark we're up three. We had that four-minute stretch, so we can beat ourselves up, which we probably will. But, at the end of the day we correct some things and get better at some things, and we could've had a different outcome today."

"You have to give those guys credit. We took the lead. We got the run. We had a great run to take that lead. They responded."

"You got to give them credit for that because they could've been a little bit shakey there too. And they weren't so they did a nice job."

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