Howell: "We Can't Give That Up"

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- NC State senior forward Richard Howell talks about the loss to North Carolina.

Richard Howell

"I felt like we had it bottled up. I think that's what kicked us in the ass. We thought the game was over and everything was kind of emotionless. It definitely came back and bit us in the ass."

"Confidence level was up. They've been playing very well as of late, especially with the lineup change that they made. They're a lot smaller and a lot quicker. They can stretch you out. That's one of the things we definitely had trouble with."

"Like I said before, I take a little responsibility not hedging out on ball screens as much as I should. I thought they came off a little bit too clean. Every time he came off he knocked down an open jumper. If we want to win on the road we've got to stop good players like that."

"We just got to keep our foot on the pedal the whole game. We can't get a lead and just kind of fall back, kind of let them ease back into the game. We had three or four-point lead, a nice little cushion, and we just let them in it easily. We got to keep our foot on the pedal."

"It definitely could be both. But at the end of the day we've just got to keep our foot on the pedal."

"We're on the road and we have a five-point lead. We can't give that up. Especially eight or nine minutes left in the game."

Just learn how to close out games. I thought we were playing good until then. Definitely need to cut down on turnovers. Other than that, we just need to close out the games."

"We went up to Boston College and played them pretty tough. They're a pretty good team, surprising a lot of teams. We know it's not going to be easy."

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