Brown: "We Made Bad Decisions"

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- NC State junior guard Lorenzo Brown discusses the loss to North Carolina.

"I don't think we were hitting shots towards the end of the game."

"They came together as a team and made great plays."

"We have a great team this year. We have some bad losses, but the best thing to do is stay positive and stay together."

"They had a homecourt advantage. That's probably it. They had their fans going, and we got caught up in that."

"He had a good game. He controlled his team. He did what he had to do to get the win."

"It was just bad decisions by us. There was nothing forced upon us to make turnovers. We made bad decisions."

"I would say fatigue. We're short on the bench and that kind of hurt us a little bit."

"Fatigue isn't an excuse."

"They had a lot of guys back to stop our fastbreaks. That slowed up our tempo, and we're basically a fastbreak team this year. They did a good job doing that."

"I'm getting there. I'm still out there playing with my team, so that shouldn't be any excuse."

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