Veltkamp: "I Couldn't Be Happier"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State strength and conditioning coach Jason Veltkamp put together the Wolfpack Olympics. He spoke with the media following the event.

Jason Veltkamp

"We drafted the hour before and came out with newly-acquired teams and put together some of the things we've been doing all winter long."

"They do have fun competing. It's a good group of kids. They are hungry to be great, and they don't shy away from work... they are hungry."

"We're excited about it."

"I always love the Tug of War, especially when it's a long one. It shows both sides battling it out. That's digging in and giving everything you've got. They'll probably feel that one tomorrow in every muscle they've got. I love that one. It's just head-to-head, going at it."

"The med-ball pickup, that's a new one. We call it the Big Ball Pickup. It's a 150-pound ball and a 200-pound ball. They are just awkward because they are round. A couple of guys did really, really well on it, and some guys didn't get it up any time."

"Eight seniors chose the teams. We drafted all the big guys first and then we went with the little guys... you never know. Sometimes they draft solely on ability. Me, I'll draft sometimes on guts a little more when it comes to things like this."

"It's good to have something that changes their mindset... they are ready to go play football. They are ready to get on the field. That's what you want. We're excited to get on the field and see what we've got."

"There is another level that we call competitive speed, and that's what we want to try and get to as much as possible. Where kids really have to find that extra gear because it matters."

"We try to put them in as many situations as possible to try and get that competitive speed out of them."

"Dontae Johnson has been awesome for us. D.J. Green has been great. Those guys are in extra all the time and they've brought guys with them. Come back to the weight room extra at night or come back Saturday morning. They've been great for us."

"Pete Thomas has been outstanding, and he just wont that event with the team he drafted this morning. He brings a lot of energy and extra work. He's in there all the time too."

"Asa [Watson] is in there all the time as well. He's a by-example guy and he goes about it a way that people follow."

"Those four guys have been great. There's been a whole bunch of them though. I couldn't be happier with how they've attacked things. They've picked the guy next to them up when they've needed to and just get better along the way."

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