Thomas, Cato-Bishop Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pete Thomas and Darryl Cato-Bishop met with the media to discuss the Wolfpack Olympics and offseason workouts.

Pete Thomas

"Yes, it was a strategic draft and it paid off."

"Scott Thompson, he was a valuable part of the team. He contributed to the win."

"We had to pick linemen first, and I had to go with my tackle, Tyson Chandler. He was an anchor. He won both games for us. We definitely needed him."

"It was great. We didn't expect it. Today was our last day of running... coach Doeren let us have some fun today. We got some work done and it paid off."

"We all love lifting and stuff, but we're ready to get on the field and start throwing some routes, hitting people. We're ready to get this thing rolling."

"I'm excited to get out there and everyone feels the same way. We're ready to be able to get coached by the new coaches and get this new era rolling."

"Him and all the coaches, they've been great. They are real energetic coaches and we're excited to get to work with them."

"We'll find out. We put [the spread option] in, obviously. It's going to be fun to run some new stuff."

Darryl Cato-Bishop

"Everybody was working hard."

"For me it was flipping tires. It was heavier than I thought it was, it had a lot of water in it, and I think they cheated and put more water in our tire than anyone else's."

"It was a full-body workout. You've got to get low, flip the tire... the hardest part was getting your hands under the tire to flip it. That was real challenging for me."

"It was hard, it was challenging, but that's what you do. In the offseason you put in the work to put in the best. We need to work hard and it was good to build team unity."

"The tug of war was fun... the big guys, they're cheating. They put all their weight and lean back."

"Yes, everything we do in a type of competition to compete among each other, to see who's going to compete when the game is on the line."

"We all want to win and we all want to have fun."

"This was the first time we really did it."

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