QUOTEBOARD: Defeating Georgia Tech

ATLANTA -- Pack Pride talks with Mark Gottfried, Lorenzo Brown, C.J. Leslie, and T.J. Warren about State's 70-57 win over Georgia Tech.

How important was Richard Howell in the win?
"He was unconscious from the field for a while. He did a good job of rebounding and putting it back up and getting to the rim." -- C.J. Leslie

"He was amazing. He came out and showed what he could do early on. He's from here as well, so he did a great job." -- Lorenzo Brown

"When he gets hot it's hard to stop him." -- T.J. Warren

"I thought Richard was great. You run out of adjectives for that guy. He plays to hard, he had a big-time first half and I wasn't sure that he could have a second half like the first half, but he was really good offensively and at rebounding the basketball. He did everything he always does." -- Mark Gottfried

How was your defense in this game?
"I think we're a great defensive team when we want to be and tonight we showed that." -- Lorenzo Brown

"We just have to stay consistent throughout the game with our defense." -- T.J. Warren

"Everybody played good defense. Everybody was down in their stance. Guys just did a good job all around defensively. Guys were just going after it." -- C.J. Leslie

"The first thing that jumps out at me was that our defensive effort was as good as it has been in a while. I thought that was the key to the game.

"We had active hands, we really pressured the ball well, disrupted the post-feed pass to go inside, so I thought that was the key for us tonight." -- Mark Gottfried

You were real disruptive defensively on the perimeter, defending the passing lanes... especially early in the game.
"We just talked the last couple days about being sound fundamentally. But again, being in a better stance, having active hands. Instead of getting our hands by our sides, we've got to be more active with everything that we do. We spent some time on that this week and I thought our guys carried that into the game.

"For us to become a good basketball team, that has to get better for us. Tonight was a good step in that direction." -- Mark Gottfried

"We came out strong, T.J. played great defense and we just stepped it up from there." -- Lorenzo Brown

"In the beginning we were on them real hard, getting steals, stopping them." -- T.J. Warren

You built a 14-point lead and Georgia Tech cut it to three at the half...
"It's a game of ups and downs. As a basketball game it's going to happen, you just have to stay focused and keep playing. Coach told us to stay together as a team and play great defense and we did that." -- Lorenzo Brown

"Coach Gottfried told us to pull it together and everybody just stayed together, and we pulled it out." -- T.J. Warren

"We're on the road and they're going to respond. I felt they would be really competitive and come back like they did. I thought (in the first half) we played 17 minutes of good defense.

"Then we had three in there right toward the end where we didn't get a rebound, they hit a three-pointer, got another three-pointer. But outside of that stretch I thought our defense was awfully good." -- Mark Gottfried

How big was C.J. Leslie's layup and foul late in the second half?
"I thought it was a big shot. I'll tell you another shot that I thought was big for us was Tyler Lewis' three (10:52 mark of second half).

"There was a stretch where we had a couple of empty possessions, were a little out of sync and Tyler's three was huge for our team as well." -- Mark Gottfried

How big was this victory?
"Every game is big for us now. It's very important that we get these last couple wins in." -- C.J. Leslie

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