JOHNSON: Work Left To Do

The weekend games brought us one game closer to the ACC tournament, and brought NC State one game closer to a 4-0 close to the regular season, but it did little to clear up the tournament seeding possibilities.

NC State remains in play for a bye, one of three teams trying to secure a top four placement in the final standings and avoid playing on Thursday at the tournament.

The Pack notched what was probably its best road performance of the season in a win at Georgia Tech, while UNC cruised over Florida State at home and Virginia fell victim to the Duke let down – losing on the road to Boston College.

With all three teams still separated by just one game in the standings, the weekend didn't settle much of anything.

Remaining Schedule For NC State And Competing Teams
Team Current Record Mid-Week Game Weekend Game
Duke 25-4, 12-4 ACC VIRGINIA TECH @North Carolina
North Carolina 21-8, 11-5 ACC @Maryland DUKE
Virginia 20-9, 10-6 ACC @Florida State MARYLAND
NC State 21-8, 10-6 ACC WAKE FOREST @Florida State
Maryland 20-9, 8-8 NORTH CAROLINA @Virginia

The Pack could still fall anywhere from a three seed to a six seed in the ACC tournament, depending on how the next two games play out. NC State could, and likely will, end up in a tie in the standings with at least one other team.

Below is a list of all the potential tiebreaker scenarios and how the Pack would fare, followed by a list of all potential scenarios for the final week and where the Pack would end up being seeded.

With Virginia: Lose tiebreaker due to 0-1 head-to-head record

With Duke: Lose tiebreaker due to Duke defeating Miami. NC State and Duke split games this year.

With UNC: Win tiebreaker (currently) due to 1-1 record against Duke while UNC is 0-1. Since the two teams split head-to-head, the tiebreaker rules stipulate that you go down the ACC standings from top to bottom comparing records against teams until one team has an advantage.

Both teams went winless against Miami, so the process moves to Duke next. If UNC beats Duke in the regular season finale, they would move ahead in the tiebreaker due to their win over Virginia since both teams would have a 1-1 record against the Blue Devils.

With UNC and Virginia: Lose tiebreaker due to worst combined recorded against the two opponents. UVA (2-1) would be the three seed, UNC (2-2) would be the four seed and NC State (1-2) would be the five seed in such a scenario.

With UNC & Duke: Lose tiebreaker. All three teams would be 2-2 against each other but Duke would be the 2nd seed by virtue of beating Miami. UNC would be the 3rd seed, NC State the 4th.

With UNC, Virginia, and Duke: Lose tiebreaker. UVA would be the 2nd seed (3-1), UNC 3rd seed (3-3), Duke 4th seed (2-3 but a 1-1 record against Miami, NC State 5th seed (2-3, 0-1 against Miami).

With Virginia and Maryland: Lose tiebreaker. UVA would be the 4th seed (2-1), Maryland (1-2) the 5th seed and NC State (0-2) the 6th seed.

With Maryland: Lose tiebreaker due to 0-1 head-to-head record.

NC State will be the 3rd seed if:
1. NCSU wins out AND Virginia finishes 1-1 (or 0-2) AND UNC loses to Duke (or finishes 0-2)

2. NCSU finishes 1-1 AND Virginia finishes 0-2 AND UNC finishes 0-2

NC State will be the 4th seed if:
1. NCSU wins out AND UVA finishes 1-1 (or 0-2) AND UNC finishes 2-0

2. NCSU wins out AND UVA finishes 1-1 (or 0-2) AND UNC loses to Maryland but beats Duke

3. NCSU finishes 1-1 AND UVA finishes 0-2 4. NCSU wins out AND UNC finishes 0-2

NC State will be the 5th seed if:
1. All unlisted scenarios

NC State will be the 6th seed if:
1. NCSU finishes 0-2 AND Maryland finishes 2-0

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