Gottfried: "It Was A Good Win"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the 81-66 win over Wake Forest.

Mark Gottfried

"After the first few minutes... we really got down in a stance and defended them well in the first half. I thought for the last 16 minutes of the first half defensively we made it hard for them to score."

"I thought we got up and got a little sloppy there. Senior Night... guys are wanting everybody else to play and all that kind of stuff. Overall, it was a good win for us, we've got to keep moving forward."

"I thought [C.J. Leslie] was really unselfish. He rebounded well, he didn't have a turnover, he blocked four shots, I thought he was active. It was nice to see him play well. That was good."

"We all want to win, but one of the joys is watching guys develop and build relationships with your players... just watching both them develop their games. I think they both had unbelievable senior years. They've got better, they've improved."

"It was very rewarding for me with those two guys because they epitomize what you want in a basketball player in that they are tremendously unselfish. Their motive is to win, and the individual things that are going to come for them, they trust that if they just try to win those things will come later. Not all players are like that. Those guys have done it the right way. I'm very proud of both those two."

"I've watched Richard change physically, emotionally... he's grown up. He's a good guy. When I first got here he was moody, you had to kind of break through this wall to get him to trust you, but again that's a part of the reward for college coaches."

"We need to play our best basketball. That's what we need to be worried about. We need to play our best basketball this time of the year. Our mindset is to break this tape down, talk about the things we've done well... go to practice tomorrow and see if we can inch forward just a little bit. That's what we're trying to do."

"We've still got another game to play, but barring that stretch in the middle... I watch the tape yesterday, us against North Carolina here, and it says we're ranked 17th in the country and we're up 28. Then we go to Virginia and Lorenzo gets hurt and we lose. We play Miami and we lose. We go to Duke and we lose. We got wiped off the grid after that... for the most part, as far as the top 25 and all that."

"We've done a nice job at home. We've just got to finish strong."

"Take Michigan, who we played... if they had a three-game stretch in the middle there where they lose Trey Burke for three games. In that three games, lets say they had to play at Indiana, Michigan State at home, and at Wisconsin, which would be the equivalent of Virginia on the road, Miami, and Duke. That's kind of what happened with us, it was the perfect storm... the injury and the three losses."

"But we discovered Tyler Lewis was ready to play and our team gained confidence in him, which was great, the players did."

"Our guys have stayed with it, kept grinding out in practice what we wanted to work on, and now we have to go to Florida State and try to keep it going."

"I think we're getting better. I think we're a different team when we defend well."

"That's the goal for us. We've got to become a really good defensive team."

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