Hock: "It Lifted The Players"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Director Jonathan Hock discusses the making of "Survive and Advance," a film based on NC State's 1983 NCAA National Championship team.

Jonathan Hock

"It was just this timeless, anywhere voice of Coach Valvano. It could have been anytime ever, but it was just his spirit inhabiting the whole film because we obviously couldn't interview him."

"But it was better than an interview, different than an interview because it was coming from this place that was above it all, apart from it all, feels above it all. It was a part, and that is what his spirit did here. It lifted the players to the highest place they were capable going."

"It was a very sort of mystical relationship that they had, and this idea of believing when there was no reason to believe."

"He's not a saint, obviously he's not a saint and that's why we had the section with the troubles that he had, but he did create a sense of purpose and belief among the players that really is like a religious experience."

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