Whittenburg: We Went On An Amazing Journey

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State great Dereck Whittenburg discusses his role in the making of "Survive and Advance."

Dereck Whittenburg

"I had a guy that I could trust. Jonathan Hock isn't just an outstanding filmmaker, but he's a guy that I can trust. I just trusted his lead."

"I'm watching the Fab Five story and I say to myself that we have a good story. I call my buddy at Hock films and I tell him I have a story to tell. The '83 story needs to be told right now. The 30th anniversary is coming up."

"I'm the only player that remained in college athletics, so they were amazed that I could recant and remember so much about that story. I told them I was in college basketball so everyone is talking to me about it every day of my life. I had to remember."

"They came back the second time, the third time, and said it's a go. Ever since then we worked night and day to get it done. Hats off to John Hock and his crew... it couldn't have been put together any better."

"It's pretty emotional considering that I played here."

"This is the place where I played, so the reunion and all the reflections going back... all the memories come up. This is such an emotional place to have the premiere. You're having it at a place where you have memories. That's what makes it so special."

"It's more than a NC State thing. It's a film about the chemistry of a team that accomplished something great. NC State is a part of it, but it's the character and the chemistry of these guys from all walks of life that came together. We didn't know each other, we didn't know Valvano. Somehow we did something that was inspirational, not to just basketball people."

"It was important to me because of the impact of what the story tells. We always talk about dreams and vision... nobody thought it could be done with this team. It came out of nowhere."

"We weren't the most talented team, but what they couldn't measure is we had this coach with passion about people and a drive to win, coupled with all these guys that believed in him."

"We just went on this amazing journey."

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