Gottfried: We Have A New Season

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the Wolfpack's open practice.

Mark Gottfried

"Nobody was leaving. Patrick Ewing was a senior, Ralph Sampson was a senior."

"Our game is a young game... I do think our game has become very physical... there is a lot of contact all the time, especially with shooters around the rim."

"I think the game is still a great game. I'm not a guy to say it's in a bad state... it's in a great state. We just have to do the things we can to make it stay that way."

"It's a great product."

"I just think what's happened is the player that players in college now is a player that comes from a different environment then they did 15 years ago."

"They didn't play AAU basketball, they were on a high school team... now guys change teams all the time." P>> "Things have to happen right now, it's the way they've been brought up. For us as coaches, you've got to adapt to that."

"Still great players, great kids... it's just a different environment feeding into college basketball."

"Good, not great. It's been good and I wish it would have been better. That falls on me. It's my responsibility. We had some games where I felt like we could have won that we didn't."

"At the same time, we did win 11 games, and we have a new season starting now. There was some good, no question, but probably not exactly where we wanted."

"I think that this particular team, it took us a while to get our chemistry right. This team, it took us until six or eight games ago to really begin to play with tight chemistry, guys accepting roles, and becoming a real unit."

"In college basketball today it's important every game, but with Erick Green involved it becomes very important. Not only containing him, but they usually have a shooter that's the screener. The pick-and-pop part of the game for them was really big in the first game that we played them. We have to do a good job with that."

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