Brown: I Can't Wait To Play

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State junior guard Lorenzo Brown met with the media following Wednesday's open practice.

Lorenzo Brown

"The best ballhandler... I'd have to say Shane Larkin. He has some moves."

"Shaky... we lost a couple of games that we shouldn't have lost. That's how it goes sometimes. You can't be mad about it... just have to keep playing."

"I don't think rankings come down to how you play. Towards tournament time anybody can lose."

"We don't listen about how we lost this game or that game. We just come to play."

"Rebounding... I think we relied on Richard too much and that kind of hurt us."

"Every team had problems on different courts. Now it's a neutral site."

"Not at all. I knew it. It was kind of tough and people were talking about Larkin, but I don't think Larkin had the numbers that Erick Green put up this year. Numbers don't lie."

"I think so. Coach told us that no team has won the ACC Tournament out of the fifth spot so we're looking to do that."

"He puts a lot of pressure on us. He wants us to do well. There is pressure on each guy and we all come together and make it a positive thing."

"It's very tough, especially with a guy like Erick out there. He can shoot or drive so we have to be ready to help... help on each side."

"Definitely, but it's a lot better now. I just can't wait to play tomorrow."

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