Gottfried: We Came To Win A Championship

GREENSBORO, N.C.-- Mark Gottfried met with the media following the 80-63 win over Virginia Tech.

Mark Gottfried

"I thought Lorenzo, defensively, was really locked in and I thought individually he did a great job."

"Ball screen action at the top of the key... our guys were much more aware."

"Lorenzo was pretty special defensively."

"You like to play. I don't think our guys mind playing. I don't think we'll get tired I think we'll be ready for the next game."

"Our guys want to win this tournament. They want to get a championship."

"Tomorrow is going to be a big challenge. Virginia beat us up there."

"We have great respect for Virginia. We had a tough day up there. Lorenzo got hurt in the first eight minutes or so, Calvin was sick... it just wasn't a good day for us all together."

"The words I use are dependable, reliable, consistent. Every night he does the same thing for our team... I thought Richard played awfully well."

"I think our pressure was better. We had active hands, we got our hands on some passes, got some deflections."

"We need to maintain that pressure."

"We came to Greensboro to win a championship and to do it we have to play well every day."

"When we've had both of those guys on the bench in foul trouble we haven't been good. For us, those two guys are keys."

"I think the 'they have to win one game theory' is not actually true. I think it's fun for everybody in the country... there are 25 teams that it sounds like on television if they win that one game they are getting in the tournament. That's not actually true."

"I think we're a NCAA Tournament team and I think Virginia is. I think they deserve to be in the tournament."

"Last year we really needed to turn the perception probably more than Virginia does right now... for us every opportunity we had was life or death. I don't think they are in that situation. I really don't."

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