Pack QBs Talk Spring Practice

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pete Thomas and Manny Stocker met with the media following the first spring practice.

Pete Thomas

"Everything we've put in I feel like I've been solid with it. Install is going to be pretty crazy over the next few days, but i feel pretty good."

"It's a different playbook with new terminology, but all you have to do is study it and you'll be fine."

"You can find your matchups against certain plays. It allows you to do a bunch of different things. There are multiple reads on some plays. I think it puts a defense in a bind sometimes."

"You're never going to be satisfied with the camaraderie, the connection and timing, but that's why you throw whenever you can and get that timing better."

"How to go to work everyday, watch film, take notes, learning the offense, learning defenses... pretty much everything you can think of."

"Day one practices are pretty fun and energetic everywhere."

"New staff, new energy... everyone is trying to prove themselves... just out there trying to make plays and bring energy and passion out on the field."

Manny Stocker

"We're learning a lot of formations and moving people. We're definitely no-huddle, and we take pride on having a fast pace. That's definitely our offense."

"Coach Canada is a great coach. When I first met him he introduced himself and we had a nice personal conversation. We talked about family and life. It was a lot different than I thought it was... when it's time to step on the field it's all business. He's in my schoolwork and on top of us. I'm glad he's here. It seems like a home away from home."

"In high school I did everything, mostly pro style but I did some zone-read so I'm comfortable with the zone-read because I've done it before."

"It gives you a threat... you can have a threat at receiver, you can have a threat at quarterback, running back... it spreads the threat a long the team and the defense doesn't know where the ball will go... it keeps them on their heels."

"The competition is great. There is a great quarterback I'm competing with. I'm glad that I get the chance to compete against him because if someone else comes here that isn't as good it wouldn't be a competition. I'm glad I get to compete because it makes me a better quarterback."

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