Gottfried: "Our Team Is Hungry"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried feels his team is ready for Friday's game against Temple.

"We were excited. We didn't come out of our seats, the suspense wasn't like a year ago."

"I think our guys are really excited about playing. we felt like we were in that 7, 8, 9 range probably with the seeds. You kind of had an idea of where you might see your name come up."

"The first thing I saw when I saw our name come up was Temple. I had watched the game earlier in the year at Kansas and remembered that game, it was right to the wire. I knew right away we have to play a heck of a team."

"They shoot the three well and they get to the line a lot. Khalif Wyatt gets to the line a lot. They are a typical, tough-minded Philadelphia team. They will take you some off the dribble... defensively they use their hands well... quick, they get a lot of deflections and steals."

"They are well-coached. Fran does a phenomenal job."

"With Wyatt, Lorenzo has a tough order, but with our team, we have to help Lorenzo a lot. With Wyatt, what's different from probably anyone we've played this year is how big and strong he is. He creates contact. He gets to the foul line when he drives. He's a crafty, one-on-one player. So, we have to do a good job on him as a team. We worked on that a lot today."

"I think it helps just because you are a little more comfortable... you've been through it a little bit, we have some guys who have been through that. Hopefully that helps some... we'll see."

I think every team in America has something to prove. That's why you play in the tournament, you want to win."

"My goal every year is to win a national championship, and you have to get in the tournament first to do that. We've taken that step. Now we have to figure out how to advance through the tournament. I think more than anything that is what our mid is about. I don't think it's about trying to prove anything to anybody."

"This isn't last year. Everybody likes to talk about last year. This is a different year, it's a different team."

"I think our team is hungry. We've won eight of our last 11. It shows this team has played well down the stretch. They want to win."

"This is a team that is very excited about being in the NCAA Tournament. They want to play well and they want to advance."

"I think Rich is better. I think Lorenzo is still struggling a little bit with his ankle at times. Even today, he re-tweaked it again, which is one of those things for him, it's just not very strong."

"I think we'll be healthy, ready to go, and excited."

"Our problem in the Miami game was that offensively we were abysmal."

"I think this year it's a little more wide open."

"If you go back through the history of the tournament and different teams that have advanced, anybody can get there. We feel like we're a team that can. I think that's what makes the tournament the greatest show on earth. Anybody can find their way there."

"I was surprised that Miami wasn't a one seed and disappointed for our league. I felt like they deserved to be a one seed, period."

"I would have liked to see Maryland and Virginia get in to the tournament, but I think those guys hurt themselves with the nonconference schedule. The sad part about Maryland and Virginia is they are good enough teams right now to play in the NCAA Tournament."

"I think all three of them have had great years. Each guy in their own right has played well at different times."

"I'm glad we have a coach's vote as well... I would have liked to see Richard on the first team or our guys higher up, but I thought Shane Larkin deserved to be the player of the year, I really did."

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