Players Talk Pro Day

Mike Glennon, Earl Wolff and C.J. Wilson spoke about their workouts and the upcoming NFL Draft following the Pack's Pro Day on Wednesday.

Mike Glennon

I think the thing we wanted to feature today was driving the ball down the field and me moving around a little bit. I think one of my strengths is that I can drive the ball down the field. A big misconception of me is that I can't move around in the pocket. So that was two things that we wanted to feature, driving the ball down the field and moving around in the pocket. I wasn't throwing any dinking and dunking passes. I wanted to drive the ball down the field and basically show that I could be a franchise quarterback for a team.

It's been a great experience. Obviously at times it's exhausting. But it's what you dream of as a kid. I'm just really looking forward to next month and finding a team that will take me and starting off a new career at the next level. It's all a part of the process. I'm enjoying each part of the steps. I'm looking forward to draft day.

We have a great history with quarterbacks. I can't speak as much about the older guys because I didn't grow up an N.C. State fan. Obviously with Phillip Rivers and Russell (Wilson), there's two pretty good quarterbacks in the NFL right now from N.C. State and I hope to be the third. It's a school with a lot of quarterback tradition. I think we're proud of that and I hope the tradition stays alive here.

I just want to go somewhere that will be good for my career. Obviously you want to go as high as you can in the draft, but more importantly it's about finding a team that can develop you and 10 years from now you'll say that it was the best team for you. I would love to go as high as possible but I want to find the team that fits me and will develop me as a player.

It was great. I've been working with those guys for the past week. T.J. (Graham) was nice enough to come out here and help me out. That kind of speak volumes about the kind of person that T.J. is. We came in here together and he did a great job working with me this past week and I'm sure he'll continue to work together through the draft. Coach (Dana) Bible has been so so… I'm so lucky to have him as a coach. He's done so much for me as far as my development while I was here and going through this pre-draft process. He's been a huge help to me. I talked to him on the phone numerous time heading into the combine just to go over some X's and O's. He came out here every day to work with us. I can't say enough about him.

It was scripted. We talked about the routes we wanted to work on. We had worked on a lot of them the past week. Like I said, we wanted to drive the ball down the field and move around in the pocket.

There's a handful of teams at this point. You never know on draft day where you'll end up. I don't know right now.

Tory's (Holt) been out there the past week with us working with us. He wrote to me and said he wanted to help out. I thought that was great. It speaks (to) how much this school means to him and how much he wants to help out the young guys here. He was really nice to come out and work with us. It was fun throwing him the ball the past week. He does a great job teaching those receivers. He's so experienced, even I can take away some of the points from him because obviously he's a potential hall of fame player. He did the right things in the NFL. He gives me advice here and there, although it might not quarterback specific, just how to handle myself at the next level.

C.J. Wilson

It was very important. I felt like it was another opportunity where I can showcase my talent that God's blessed me with and show them what I've got. I took full advantage of the opportunity today. I felt like I did the best I could. That's what's important to me.

I felt pretty good actually. I felt like it could've been a little more faster. My start wasn't what I wanted it to be. Push came to shove, I did what I could. So that's what's important.

They went pretty good. They asked me some personal questions. They asked me questions about my family and how's my family doing, things of that nature. The best thing to do is to keep it honest with them, you know. Everything's fine and leave it at that.

Most important thing was to show them that I'm a football player. I play football. I'm faster than what people thought. So I just wanted to show them overall that I'm a good kid who had speed who could also have a little bit of power to him and some explosion, so that was good.

Earl Wolff

My reason for wanting to come out here was to keep the guys motivated. C.J. (Wilson), Mario (Carter) a lot of the senior guys working out here. Just basically keeping them motivated and hope and pray they do well.

I didn't do too much but the position drills. I did pretty good there. I decided to do the L and the 60 and out. I thought I did pretty good there. It wasn't any drop off. I felt like I did pretty good today.

I have a quite a few individual workouts coming up with a couple of teams. I'm looking forward to that, just trying to move up on the draft board honestly. I'll leave it in God's hands.

I have about five individual workouts coming up with some teams. Honestly they're going to work me out honestly and get to know me mentally. Get me up on the board and things of that nature, take me out to eat. Just get to know me as a person. I'm pretty sure I'll do well.

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