Martin: "I Love The Offense"

Mocksville (NC) Davie County forward Cody Martin put his talent on display last Saturday at the 2013 Carolina Challenge.

Mocksville (NC) Davie County forward Cody Martin put his talent on display last Saturday at the 2013 Carolina Challenge.

"I started a little rough, but I think I played better as the day went on," said Martin. "I was rebounding and trying to get everyone involved."

Martin, who had a matchup early in the day against five-star wing Theo Pinson, a battle that some believe Martin won, said one of the biggest highlights was playing against his brother, Caleb Martin, in the final game.

"It's always competitive," said Cody. "When we come here we play against each other in the last game, and we try to go at each other hard. When we play there isn't a play being taken off. I don't want him doing better than me, and he doesn't want me to do better than him so we are always going back and forth.

"It's tough though. On the offensive end he knows when I'm going right or left and when I'm going to shoot. It's the same for him when I'm on defense. You just have to find something to do in the games and work at it."

The Martin twins have rarely played against each other, and at times it kept them from really developing different skillsets on the court. However, over the last couple of years the maturation in their game has enabled the duo to play different spots on the floor.

"I feel like growing up we played the same position," said Cody. "But as we've got older, he's played more outside, and I've been more in the high post and down low. That doesn't mean I can't play outside, but he's improved his dribbling and I've improved by rebounding, shooting, and passing.

"Caleb is a great shooter off the dribble and from behind the 3-point line. I like to start around the rim and get a feel for each game and then work my way out to the high post and even further if I have to."

Martin displayed a versatile, all-around game at Dave Telep's event. He knocked down deep 3-pointers, pull-up jumpers, passed to open teammates, blocked shots, and defended bigger and smaller players.

"While his brother is more of a pure wing, Martin has some combo forward to him," Recruiting Analyst Evan Daniels said of Cody. "Martin finished 10th in scoring at the event at just under 14 a game.

"In the games I took in, Martin couldn't get the long range shots to go down, but he certainly got a lot done in the paint. He was active, finished well through contact and made plays at the rim."

"I can play a lot of different ways," said Martin. "I'll do anything on offense or defense. If my coach wants to me change anything, I'll change it up and work on it."

Martin, who committed with his brother last fall, was a frequent visitor to NC State games. What did he think of the Wolfpack's season?

"I don't think they did bad," he said. "Everyone hits rough spots and you have problems, but overall I think they played pretty good for them being a young team. They are going to only get better."

What he likes most about NC State is their offense. The Wolfpack runs the UCLA high post offense that showcases the talents of wings and forwards capable of either scoring on the block or in the high post.

"I love the offense," said Martin. "Everyone is always moving... you're always in motion. Richard Howell might end up on the wing after setting a screen for Scott Wood, and he might get the ball where he has to make a play outside.

"So you need to have an overall game... you might be asked to make plays on the wing, behind the line, or even in the post. I like playing all over the floor, and that's why I like it."

Rated a four-star player and a top 50 prospect in the 2014 class by, Martin is a big-time talent. However, the 6-foot-6 forward might have a different outlook than other recruits ranked as high as he is.

"I mean, I know everyone wants to score a lot," he said. "But I look at it more about what do I need to do to get us the win or a championship? If they need me to rebound or screen, I'll do it. I love to rebound and screen. I like getting other people the ball, taking mid-range shots.

"The way I feel is if you do whatever coach asks you to do then you should win the game."

It's safe to say he remains firmly committed to the Wolfpack.

"I'm beyond comfortable," he stated. "State is the right place to be. I haven't had a second thought about it."

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