Searching For Leaders

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Tuesday's practice, and he says that the Wolfpack will be looking for leaders to emerge during scrimmages and live periods.

Dave Doeren

How are things going after a week?
The operation is starting to come together. The guys are playing at a faster tempo. We've had some tough weather days so it was nice to get out here and not be dodging rain, have good footing.

It's still in evaluation process for both. The players are still learning the expectations of their coaches, and we're still learning the strengths and weaknesses of our guys.

I like the way they come out here. I like the way they work. We had great energy on Sunday, we really got after it on Sunday. Today we were just in shoulder pads and helmets and there was a lot of teaching and redzone stuff.

Anything you learn from transitioning from Wisconsin to Northern Illinois?
There are a lot of things from a patience standpoint more than anything.

You want things to be a certain way, and the way you implement your systems, can troubleshoot is what I've got better at.

Any position groups that you are trying to find leaders?
Pretty much all of them.

Like I said, it's way too early. We haven't even had a scrimmage yet. For me to tell you who my leaders are I don't know yet.

There are some guys that if I had to say today who they were I could tell you, but until we've gone sixty plays in a live situation I'm not ready to do that.

Where are they at from a strength standpoint right now?
Really good.

I think our strength staff does a tremendous job with our guys. We tested once we got back, and a lot of guys improved their bench and improved their verticals and broad jumps.

There are several guys who have gained weight when we asked them to and lost weight when we asked them to.

You see a lot of things happening from that standpoint that we are happy with.

Will April 20th be the final exam?
No... honestly the spring game will be fairly vanilla.

The scrimmage before the spring game will be a big scrimmage for us. All the weekends in April we're going to have some live things going on where we can get a lot of evaluations done.

How many scrimmages will you have?
We'll have three and then we'll have some periods where we tackle live... 10-15 minutes where we'll have a live period and guys can finish runs or plays on defense so we'll see what happens.

Right now you don't know if it's a six-yard gain or a 10-yard gain because you don't see the final part of it.

Those 15-minute periods we'll have... we'll have one Thursday so we can crank it up a little bit. It will be a quick one, but it gives us enough of an opportunity to see them finish plays.

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