Pack Pride Q&A: Juston Burris

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Redshirt sophomore cornerback Juston Burris talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming season.

Redshirt sophomore cornerback Juston Burris talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming season.


How much confident do you have in the group? There is not a lot of experience.
I'm very confident. We have a lot of grinders. We have a lot of people that are going to go out there and work. We have guys that are in the weight room everyday... that are going on campus in the weight room.

We have guys that are working hard in drills in practice... there is a walk-on out here working out. We're always trying to get better.

That's pushing the group, third-string guys pushing first string guys. You can't come out here comfortable.

What are your thoughts on coach McNutt?
He's a fiery guy. He's very energetic, going to get in your face, but he's going to coach you. That's good because you need that. You need a guy that will get in your face but also take the time to teach you. So, that's good.

What did you learn from David Amerson last year?
Just to be patient. He taught me things like if the receiver is lined up inside, play outside... things you wouldn't be able to see unless you broke it down on film. He took me in the film room, things like that.

Being behind David was a valuable experience.

How similar are you to Amerson?
If I am similar to David I would love that. I'd love to be better than David. I'd love to take what he taught me and putting that in my game this year... I feel like I could do a lot better than I did last year. Just taking tidbits away from the things he did.

Scheme-wise, do you feel like things will be similar?
Scheme-wise it's kind of the same, a lot of the checks and stuff we're going off things the offense does... motion and stuff like that.

That's different. We have to be more talkative through the motion. Overall it's similar... it's a quick learning process.

You maybe didn't get to see some of the younger guys last year because they were on scout. What are your thoughts on them?
Niles [Clark] and Marchez [Coates], they are going to be players. They are going to push me and Dontae and get on the field early. They are going to play, I know that. They are scrappy.

They have two different games. Niles is a more finesse, cover guy and Marchez is a physical guy that will punch a guy at the line.

They are definitely going to be good. I can see it.

What are the expectations given the coaching change?
We're coming out trying to win the ACC championship. We're not trying to just win seven games to get over... we're coming out here trying to work to be the best that we can.

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