Gottfried: "I'm Excited About Being Here"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried spoke briefly with the media following Lorenzo Brown's press conference.

Mark Gottfried

There was a lot of discussion from others, not necessarily me, so I thought it was important to make that comment. I'm excited about being here, and my full focus is on the work that we have to do, which I think is a lot right now.

In the next maybe week or so we'll figure that one out. I want Calvin to visit with his family and they can come to a conclusion that they think is right for them at this particular time. I think in the next week we can start to sort those things out.

We already have, and we will continue to [talk with the returning players]. We start working out again Monday in the weight room, so it will be daily conversations with our guys.

Not necessarily. I think that is something we just need to talk about day in, day out... visit with his mom and dad.

All the guys on our roster. I already have once with everybody, but I'll continue to do that over the next couple of weeks, and even the summer, we're always talking with our players. We'll have an open line of communication with all of them.

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