Doeren: "It's A Process"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Dave Doeren

"It's a beautiful day out here. It's nice to feel the weather the way everyone was telling me it's going to be."

"There were some good things at the end. It was good to see the offense get a drive like that, sustain it, overcome a penalty in the redzone and push it in."

"Wit the four-day break there was a little rust in the beginning, but as practice went on I thought it got better."

"Still need to get more of a rhythm going. I feel like we're dropping a lot of balls still, and that hurts the rhythm of the quarterback."

"From practice one to practice seven there has been a lot of improvement."

"You don't want to put too much on them because if you do that you can't evaluate them because they are thinking too much. At times it's tricky... you have to be smart about how much you put in because you know you have to get some tings in too."

"We're at the point now where we have enough in to evaluate and let our guys play. We're not there yet, we're pretty close. It's a process. I think the fall will be a lot different. The guys that will be confused will be the freshmen."

"It's really not learning tough plays. What we call this they used to call that so they have to associate. You're doing that and at the same time you're going faster than you had been going."

"I tell them to keep going and going and over time it slows down and now you're not thinking... all of a sudden your athleticism shows up. It's a learning curve for guys."

"Joe Thuney is getting better. Rob Crisp is probably our most consistent guy. We're moving some guys around. We had a couple of guys we needed to keep inside for academic reasons today and that hurts you a little bit from a depth standpoint, but the o-line is a work-in-progress for sure."

"I was disappointed [D.J. Green] sprained his ankle the other day because he was really getting better and I was excited to see him scrimmage. Mentally he's doing great. The physical part we were just about to find out but he turned his ankle. He should be back with us tomorrow. I'm really happy with where he's going mentally right now."

"He's playing inside in a lot of our schemes, and we're also going to look at him outside. We're trying to get our best three out there I guess. His football aptitude/IQ is really good... inside that helps you a lot."

"[Creecy and Thornton] are tough guys. They are still... there are times where they are seeing it and getting north and south and other times where you see Shad just trip on himself and fall down, which isn't really good. I like what they are and what they could be, but I don't think they are where we want them to be yet."

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