Thomas: "We Need To Be A Lot Better"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State quarterback Pete Thomas met with the media following the Wolfpack's spring scrimmage.

What's it like seeing things live?
We've seen it live before in practice and stuff. Obviously this is a little different, the atmosphere in the stadium. But we need to be a lot better than we were today and we will be.

What's it like being in control of the huddle and running the show?
We don't huddle up anymore. I need to be a lot better as the quarterback, leading everything and getting everyone lined up, run the right play and taking charge of it.

How much communication do you have to do before the snap?
It's a lot. You have to make sure everyone's lined up right, everyone knows the right play. Like I said, we need to be a lot better at that and everything.

I heard Rashard Smith did some good things today. What's the chemistry like with these guys?
Rashard is a great playmaker as are a lot of the receivers on this team. We've just got to keep working. Keep getting the timing down and we will.

How are you doing in terms of learning the offense?
It's coming along but you can always get better. You should know the offense like the back of your hand and just like the English language. We're working towards that every day.

That's been a lot of talk about tempo. How has the change been to the tempo that this staff wants to run their offense?
It's been a lot different. We did a little no huddle with the staff from last year but we're all no huddle now. We're getting used to it and I think it's going to be beneficial for us.

How is the coaching staff in terms of being different?
They're different but there are some similarities too. They're a little younger, more energetic. I think the team really likes them.

You and Manny still pushing each other pretty hard?
We're all pushing each other and trying to get better every day.

Did you feel like there was some rust you needed to knock off after being on the scout team last year? Was it a big change for you?
It's definitely a change going from the scout team to actually playing. The new offense, the tempo, was a big change. I played before and we need to get a lot better.

What are some of the things that coach Canada emphasizes? What are some of his pet peeves?
Just know what you're doing out there. If you don't know what you're doing and don't execute then you're not going to play.

Not only are you learning but you also have to be a leader. How are you handling those roles?
It's definitely a challenge but as a quarterback that's what you need to do. You need to not only know what you're doing on every play but you need to know what everyone else is doing every play and you have to lead them at the same stuff.

Is it wild that you'll be out here in 14 days?
Yeah, I think we're all excited about that but we've got to watch this film and take it day by day. We're not ready to come out here and play a game but I think we will be.

Did today feel like a final exam?
I feel like we're taking a test every single day. It might be the mid-term but it's definitely not the final exam.

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