Creecy: "We're Moving in the Right Direction"

Junior tailback Tony Creecy talks with Pack Pride about the progression of the NC State offense through spring practice.

Pack Pride caught up with sophomore tailback Tony Creecy to get his thoughts on the progression of the NC State offense during spring practice.

How's spring practice gone so far?
It's going good. As an offense, we're coming along learning the new offense but we have to get in shape. Everyone has to be in shape for the offense, but I think we're doing a good job of learning and executing the plays.

What has the transition been like to a new offense?
Well, football is football.

So the plays are the same, the big difference is the terminology and the in-shape part. I mean, for this fast paced offense you have to be in shape.

You must have a lot of wind and you have to know how to push through those walls when you get real tired. So those have been the only changes.

How has the offense fared so far?
Right now I think we're moving in the right direction. Sometimes we have some down plays and sometimes we have some good plays.

We just need to be more consistent. But I think that's going to come with running the offense more and getting in better shape.

You knew who the quarterback was going to be the last couple of years. How is the quarterback battle shaping up?
It's a good transition. I mean, Manny (Stocker) and Pete (Thomas) are both great quarterbacks. Coach Canada is going to have a hard decision deciding who is going to start.

They keep battling each other and it's all in coach Canada's hands but it's both in their hands too so they have to keep playing.

You've primarily been a between-the-tackles running back in the past. How do you feel about playing in a true spread offense?
I actually like the new offense. Between the tackles, outside, it doesn't matter to me. I just strive to play football and when I get it, do nice things with it.

If the offensive line keeps blocking the way they have been it's going to be a real good team.

Do you think you'll be catching some passes this year?
Yes. There's some plays where we line up empty so I can catch some balls. I can run and catch it so it's a good offense. We get a chance to get out on the perimeter against some DB's so it's a good offense.

You had an opportunity to go up against the defense at the scrimmage. How are those guys coming along?
They're coming along great. For them to make the transition to run a totally different defense, a whole bunch of new guys in the secondary, I think they've done pretty well.

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