AUDIO: Moore, Players Discuss Hiring

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Wes Moore, Kody Burke, and Ashley Eli met with the media following Monday's press conference where Moore was announced as head women's basketball coach at NC State.

Wes Moore

Just what I expect out of them. What type of basketball we're going to play, offensively, defensively, that sort of thing. How academically, right now, that sort of thing is an important time and how I expect them to excel on the court, in the classroom and in the community. I want to be proud of them in every aspect of their lives. As a Wolfpack Woman you can't clock out. Twenty-four seven you represent this program. So things like that. More or less just get them to know me and understand what our expectations will be.

It's been a while since I was here, so I don't know how many of us are still alive. Again, there's so many people in this state that are willing to help you and care about this program. So I think we have to tap into that. The next couple of recruiting classes are going to be really strong in this state. I think you've got to take advantage of that.

You have some time to reflect on it a little bit and, again like I said, if it wasn't for coach Yow without a doubt I wouldn't be standing here today. A lot of reasons. Coach Yow, she's in every basketball hall of fame there is but she is even a better person. She meant a lot to me and throughout my career. It's going to be a great challenge. I know what can be done here. I've seen it done. You can say what you want about how times have changed. N.C. State basketball is what this university is known for athletically. Whether it's women going to the final four, men winning the national championships, the 30 for 30 program, we got a lot to sell. We just got to get busy and do it.

Again, it just had to be a situation where I thought we could be successful. You work so hard in this business, it's such a grind. I just can't imagine putting that much into if you feel like you didn't get something in return. I really feel like we can compete and have success on a national level. It's going to be fun to jump in there and see what we can do. Just the history and tradition make it special.

There's no doubt. Again, I love those kids over there. And you're right. Right now you can put it on cruise control as far as recruiting and that sort of thing. You got them kind of lined up for the next couple of years. The easy thing to do is to sit there, but I wanted to try. I wanted this opportunity. I can't thank Dr. Woodson and Debbie Yow enough for giving me a chance. My job right now is to make them look good. Hopefully we can get that done. Also, let me say this. It's all about the players. We've got to get the players and the players we have here have got to work. I haven't grabbed a rebound, I haven't made a bucket in 20-something years. I understand it's about them. Any success we have will be because of the young ladies we have in this program.

There's no doubt. My wife, she helped me get through college. When we first got married she made a lot of sacrifices. I'm gone most of the time and she is very close to her family, there's no doubt. Her best friends are her mom and her sister and brothers. So to bring her back out here, as Debbie said in any situation, it's icing on the cake. But it makes me really good. We, in fact, own a little farm house out there in Jamesville. I haven't seen it yet. Maybe I'll see it now. It'll be nice.

Kody Burke

I have not, but I'm excited to see what's to come.

At this point it's too early to say, but I will say that I like the vibe I got from him.

What I like about his, which is similar to Kellie's, we're going to play a four out one in. We're going to have a dominant scorer in the paint surrounded by four shooters. That's the system we're going to have with Kellie, but knowing his wing experience and his familiarity with the system we're excited. And we have an experienced squad coming back. Great things will come.

If I can that would be great but anything to get a win.

Ashley Eli

Basically we introduced ourselves and he introduced himself. We met his wife. Basically just preparing us for what he has in store for us. Getting a feel for each other before the press conference.

He seems very competitive. He seems very straight forward and very high energy. When we first met him he was skipping. He seemed like he wanted to be here so we're very excited about him and what he's going to bring to our program.

He speaks very highly of coach Yow, as our University does. I think what's special is that he understands the tradition here and the Play 4 Kay stuff. Basically its like we're not having a new coach, it's a new coach for us because he's already been here. I think it's special that he's been here and knows the tradition and what it takes to win.

Basically he said we're going to do a lot of four out one in. We'll have a lot of isolation on our post. A four out offense. And basically defensively we're going get after people and pressure. Just be very aggressive. We're very excited about that with his aggressive style. Force turnovers and be in people's faces.

I think it will start with conditioning. We'll all need to get in the best shape we can so we can get pressure and play better defense. Going off of him and running his offense and studying scouting reports. I think just going back to the basics. I think he's going to get back to the fundamentals and bring our program back up.

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