Doeren: "We Had A Good Practice"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Dave Doeren

What are your thoughts on today's practice coming off Saturday's scrimmage?
I thought we had a good practice today. Good energy... last Tuesday they were a little sluggish but I thought we came back with good energy today.

Having that scrimmage was really good for these guys because it gave them an indicator of what they needed to work on the most. You saw some guys working on some things they didn't do necessarily as good as they wanted to on Saturday.

The coaches did a nice job today too, just letting them play. We didn't put a lot in, just let them fix their problems.

What does Rashard Smith bring to the offense?
He's a playmaker. He's playing with confidence. When the ball is in the air he believes it's his ball. He'll fight for it.

He plays bigger than he is. I love that about him. He's just a competitor.

Is he a guy you want to get the ball in his hands?

Those return guys obviously have good ballskills and their ability to run after the catch is important.

Rashard is a guy that can do that for us.

Did anything jump out at you after watching the scrimmage film?
The biggest thing I was disappointed in was just too many pre-snap things that we control, whether it was a procedure penalty or an illegal motion.

A guy jumping, a cadence thing, or defense jumping offsides. There were too many situations where we hurt our own team.

It's one thing, post-snap, if you have a guy fighting and you get a pass interference or holding penalty, you don't like those things but at least you know it's a straining penalty.

The mental ones we have to get rid of... that's the biggest thing. The good thing is those are easily corrected. Next Saturday we hope we can take some of that off the film.

How is Rob Crisp progressing?
He's getting there. I think all the offensive linemen are dealing with the tempo. It's hard when you are 300-plus pounds are you're going super fast. Today was really the hottest practice we've had from a temperature standpoint.

I like Rob's leadership. I know he wants to be a really good player.

You have experience with the front four. Are they more advanced at this point?
They are. I think they are further ahead than some other position groups.

It's the same thing at corner where Dontae [Johnson] and Justin [Burris] are playing with a little more swagger than some of the young guys.

How important is it to be able to start inside with Teal and McGill?
That's big. If the middle of your defense is strong you've got a chance, and then you can go out to the corners and cover... I feel good about the inside and the outside part.

We just have to get the outside 'backers, the safeties, and the defensive ends playing at the same level.

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