Doeren: "We're Getting Closer"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren

Getting closer to the spring game, are you closing in on having your depth chart set?
We're getting closer. I wouldn't say we're there yet, but we're definitely closer to knowing what we have. We'll probably have something after that game that's pretty solid. There's a few positions though that will battle all the way to fall camp.

Can you talk about what positions those are?
Wide receiver... There's a lot of guys rotating around. At safety, there's some guys rotating around. At linebacker there's still some guys rotating. Those will be the biggest ones.

We should have a decent idea at quarterback by the end of the spring.

How do you handle the situation with Jacoby [Brissett]? You sure want him to get work don't you?
He's getting a third of the reps at times and sometimes he's getting a fourth of the reps.

You know Pete and Manny obviously have to get more of the work, but we want him to get enough where he's getting better too. I know coach Canada does a nice job.

The nice thing with the no huddle is that you get a lot of plays in. So you can get a lot of reps in for the guys.

What does he bring, in terms of the competition and having another arm out there?
Well, obviously the arm helps, but his leadership, you can tell he wants it to be his team even though he can't.

I think that's hard when you're in the position that he is, and I think he's handled it extremely well. He's got great enthusiasm and command of the offense when he's in there. He's just pushing guys to be great.

How has he integrated into the team?
The guys have really accepted him. He fits in with a lot of these guys. He wants to win and that's all teammates want.

They want a guy that's committed.

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