Doeren: "We Need To Get A Lot Done"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Dave Doeren met with the media following the second scrimmage of spring practice.

Dave Doeren

Did anyone stand out to you today?
I thought our defense stood out today. They played consistent throughout the day. It was nice to see Quinton [Payton] make that catch there at the end. But I don't think we played extremely well today on offense.

Our defense had really good tempo and energy and tackled well. It's hard to sustain drives when you get a penalty or or a bad snap. Just too many of those right now. We got to clean that stuff up.

Offensively what do you need to improve on?
We need to be able to snap the ball to the quarterback and not jump offsides. That would be a great start.

I gather that hasn't improved since the last scrimmage?
It has, until today. It hadn't been an issue actually since last week. We've got some new guys in there that struggled with it today, and we have a lot to work on.

How are Pete and Manny doing?
When we're driving and we're not having offsides penalties they're getting snaps. We had some sustained drives that were happening and we were carrying ourselves behind on the sticks.

The frustrating thing is that due to things that we can fix and it's just hard to sustain a drive. You get to second and five and third and 10 because you snap the ball the wrong way. Things that we'll clean up.

Both of them had some good things happen for them today and both need to get better too.

Was this scrimmage different?
No, it was a lot like last Saturday. Little more red zone going on. A lot like last Saturday, a lot of moving the ball, a lot of live work.

Guys more acclimated now?
I think defensively there's more players back to help us. They're playing with a lot of confidence. There's a lot of guys that understand it.

Probably less of a learning curve because they were a 4-3 scheme before and we're 4-3 now. They didn't have to do a whole lot except learn new words.

Thoughts on your running backs?
Both of them are tough kids. Both of them break tackles, read things well. They've got good hands out of the backfield. Been happy with them except for the fumble by Shad.

I thought those two guys had a pretty solid day.

What do you want to get out of this one more week?
Tuesday we need to get a lot done. We'll be in full pads again on Tuesday. Friday will be a helmets-only practice.

Next Saturday we just need to see improvement on what we did today on the offensive side and you know, just don't get bored and keep getting better on defense.

What do you want to see from them in May, June, and July?
There's a ton of things they'll do with our strength staff and on their own they'll be able to do some things.

There will be a lot of things that the players do, running their own things on the field with Skelly. A lot of their development will be with coach Veltkamp in the weight room.

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