AUDIO: Creecy, McGill Talk Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Tony Creecy and T.Y. McGill met with the media to discuss Saturday's scrimmage.

Tony Creecy

Overall on offense I think we made some pretty good strides in terms of running the ball and running the actual offense.

I can bring the offense a lot. A good, hard runner and a fast runner. Good hands out of the backfield and showcase that.

Shadrach is a really good runner. He's powerful. He has good vision and we both are going to bring a good one-two punch.

Yes, we love the offensive system. I mean, there's more for the running backs to do. We catch the ball out of the backfield, we line up out of the empty and catch the empty routes. It's a lot of running the ball. The seams are put in. It's just a good offense that we love to run.

We have a lot of confidence in them. Pete and Manny are both great quarterbacks, so coach Canada is going to have a real hard time decision figuring out who he wants to start when we play Louisiana Tech.

We gotta definitely work on getting in more shape as an offense. Running this offense you have to be in more shape. We have to take out the pre-snap penalties and the fumbles off the film so we can be pretty good on Saturday.

T.Y. McGill

As far as last year, as a d-lineman, K'Hadree Hooker and Carlos Gray... all of those guys are playing harder. Better than they were last year. We all are.

When we come out that's all we do. That's our main goal. Bad play or not, as long as you got effort then that means you're doing something. Rushing to the ball and that's what we're doing. We competing.

Well, we're not really focusing on what we lost. What we've got now, we've got a team that's bonding and our goal is to compete every day. In the weight room we have a slogan 'Iron sharp and iron.' We have to fight one another on and off the field.

We adjusted well from last year. We're a totally different scheme. We've adjusted real well. We're just coming out, staying focused and competing.

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