Spring Game: Doeren and Players PC

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren and several Wolfpack players met with the media following the Kay Yow Spring Game.

Dave Doeren and players

Dave Doeren

"I'd like to thank our fans that came out today. There were 29,000-something fans and we raised close to $20,000. I know it's not all added up yet but that shows a lot not only about their excitement to our football program but their generosity towards a great charity."

"Defensively we did some really good things throughout the scrimmage. They did have some guys get behind them that they didn't capitalize on. At times we had a good throw and a drop and at other times not so good a throw."

"The biggest disappointment obviously was the fumbles that occurred. Before I blame it on the running backs I want to see it on film, see if there were exchange issues on some of them."

"Overall happy that we came out healthy and that the Red team scored more points than the White team - kind of expected that to happen and it did."

"The biggest thing we have to be as an offense - we have to capitalize on the things that are there."

"You distribute at that position and be a manager of the offense. The worst thing you can do in that position is hurt the offense."

"The plays are probably not that much different but the tempo and the names of the plays are a lot different. That's the biggest thing."

"We are ahead defensively and that's not a bad thing."

"Once we get some of our signees here it will help from a depth standpoint. I know at receiver they are working with short numbers at receiver and tailback right now. There's three tailbacks coming in, there's six receivers so our depth will bet better."

"We got a lot of good things accomplished. The guys know what the expectations are from our coaches. They know the bare bones of our systems so that now they can coach each other through the summer to get better at those things."

"We didn't put a ton on them. We put a lot in but there's a lot left."

D.J. Green

"We came out and had about three or four fumble recoveries. I think we flew around and had a lot of excitement."

"Throughout the winter we've worked on taking away the ball, ball security - stuff like that. Being enthusiastic on defense and I think we did a really good job with that."

"I'm stronger, I'm getting smarter in the middle. I'm learning every day."

Pete Thomas

"Obviously the entire offense is still thinking. But every single day we are getting better, getting more comfortable with the terminology, the routes, the protections."

"The coaches are doing a great job of coaching us up but this summer is going to be huge for us - we can't take any steps back."

"Even in the first half we had some good drives going on offense but we killed ourselves - bad throws, fumbles, whatever it was."

Rashard Smith

"They are two different types of quarterbacks, Pete and Manny are two different guys. But we are working in the same system, trying to get better each day."

"I would hope so - coach always tells us that when the ball is the air you have to make plays on the ball. If the quarterback throws you the ball you have to be the play-maker."

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