VIDEO: Postgame Interviews

RALEIGH, N.C. -- M.J. Salahuddin, Manny Stocker, and Pete Thomas met with the media after the Kay Yow Spring Game.

M.J. Salahuddin, Manny Stocker, and Peter Thomas met with the media after the Kay Yow Spring Game.

"We still have a lot to put in. We probably won't put anything in over the summer but I'm hoping and the offense is hoping we can master what we have over the summer."

"He's just a playmaker. He's one of those guys you get the ball in his hands anyway possible."

"The biggest difference with this offense is the jet-sweeps, the receiver motions, and a little different route concepts."

"Even today we were holding the ball a little too long."

"When the quarterback is throwing in rhythm it can be a very successful offense."

"You're not thinking. The defense goes into a prevent defense so it makes it a little easier to pass."

"I can't take that sack on the 20-yard line with 40 seconds left or whatever it was."

"We missed deep balls. We need to connect on those, but that's why you throw everyday in the summer."

"For the spring I think we definitely made strides, but for the upcoming season I think we have a lot to do."

"We've made positive strides, but we have a lot more to work on."

"I think with this offense they are getting used to their tempo and we're getting used to their tempo. This season we are going to be ready to play faster and more physical."

"We don't want them to get anything. We want to have that mentality, a physical mentality. If they get a yard we're mad at ourselves."

"It was a lot that we did last year that we're doing now, I think it was a lot the terminology [that was different]."

"On that touchdown play, Bra'lon made a great play."

"I tried to give him a chance. He's a young guy, a freshman, to see what he can do. I put the ball up there and he made a great play."

"It gave us some hope going into the summer and fall that we can be an offense that can run."

"Yes, part of my game is scrambling and using my legs, so when they have one-hand touch, I wouldn't have been sacked like in a real game. It definitely makes you play differently than in a real game."

"I wouldn't say you got to see the best... the summer we'll definitely build on that. We will get better as the summer goes on."

"I like to run and break tackles every once and a while... I just can't wait until the season comes and I get that first hit."

"I want to get hit. You're nervous until you get that first hit... you get the jitters out."

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