Part II: Mike Glennon Pre-Draft Q&A

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride checks in on NC State quarterback Mike Glennon with the NFL draft set to begin tonight.

PART I: Mike Glennon Q&A

Pack Pride was recently able to check in with NC State senior Mike Glennon as he awaits tonight's draft, and here is Part II of our interview with the talented signal-caller.


Do you feel like there is a broad range of teams showing major interest or a select few? I'm sure with you being a quarterback it's probably a list that's smaller than most positional players.
Yes, I feel like there are a select few that have showed more interest, but you always hear stories about how someone you aren't hearing from might select you.

Especially when you look at how this year's quarterback projections are all over the place. There are a handful of teams, but I still don't have any idea of exactly where I'm going to go.

You attended the NFL combine and one of the tests they put prospects through there is the Wonderlic. How was that?
The thing that's tough is it's only 12 minutes. You don't realize how fast 12 minutes can fly by until you're hurrying as fast as you can to finish a test.

It goes by really fast and there are some questions you can get stuck on, but you have to move on to the next one. It's a little tricky because when you're practicing for it, it doesn't feel as short as it did during the heat of the moment.

I remember at the combine they gave a two-minute warning, and I felt like I had just started it. You feel like you're going at a good pace... I think I was at question 30 at the two-minute warning... I felt like I would easily be able to finish it, but it ends on you pretty fast.

How do you think you did?
I felt like I did alright. I still could have done better. I think if I would take it again I'd do better.

In terms of projecting to the NFL, I think you have an advantage on a lot of college quarterbacks because of the system you played in at NC State. They asked you to do a lot in a pro style offense, in terms of making vertical throws, standing in a pocket, playing under center, throwing the ball in tight windows.

Have NFL scouts and personnel told you those are positives for you?
The No. 1 thing is every team always compliments coach Bible and what a great job he does with quarterbacks. I definitely agree with that, and they all seem to be impressed with my foundation of running a pro style offense... understanding protections, throwing hot, pass concepts... all sorts of things they run every game on Sundays.

My knowledge of the game seems to jump out at them. I'm really happy with how the coaches at State developed me. I can't say enough about it.

How much do you believe the success of coach Bible's former quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson will be a positive for you because he does have a track record of producing quarterbacks not only able of succeeding but doing so early in their careers?
Honestly, all situations are different, but I have the same expectations they probably had where I plan on going in and competing right away... I want to be try and be the starter.

I do believe that background will give me a leg-up on some other guys. I feel like I'm going to come in extremely prepared in a lot of areas.

I imagine for both Matt and Russell it was an advantage playing in coach Bible's offense.

Is there an aspect of your game that you believe is underrated or you might catch too much flack for?
I'd say people labeling me as really slow. I know I'm not the fastest guy, but I can move around the pocket. I think out of all the quarterbacks in the combine, I wasn't in the top half [of the 40-yard dash], but I wasn't at the bottom either.

I think people just label me as slow, and I don't think that's ultimately the case. I can move around the pocket and extend plays when needed.

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