State Still in Top Five for Tucker

NC State is still in the hunt for Tucker (GA)safety Kirk Tucker. Pack Pride has the latest on where the Wolfpack stands.

Kirk Tucker is focused on five schools that have impressed him the most and NC State is in that select group.

The Tucker (GA) athlete traveled west nearly 3,000 miles recently. The purpose of the trip was to visit Stanford, one of the schools that he was anxious to see. That trip took place on May 3 and it helped Tucker verify that Stanford is a place he could see himself.

"It was real good. It was great out there. The scenery stood out to me and the education. That and how the football team is so close knit together."

Naturally the question of distance would arise. Tucker said that won't hurt Stanford's chances.

"It was a lot different out there. Out here (in Georgia) it's the city but there aren't as many hills or land space as there is on the west coast. I'm not the type person that gets home sick because (his family) could always fly out and come see me. We're financially well off enough to be able to do that so distance wouldn't be a problem," he said.

Stanford, NC State, North Carolina, Arkansas and Louisville are Tucker's favorites. He said the schools in that top five are about even with one another.

He did add that recent offers from Ohio State and Wisconsin have caused him to rethink things a little. He's more open than his top five might signify or imply. It's still worth noting that NC State is among his favorites.

"Coach Nielson came up to the school on (last) Thursday I believe. I've been up there around spring break on April 9. It was great. It was also beautiful there. That's kind of what I'm used to more. It's closer to the south or at least Georgia.

"The coaches welcomed us with open arms. They gave us a quick tour and they knew we had to get on another visit so I was glad they thought about our time. They weren't trying to be selfish or anything. They understand it's a business. They're definitely in my top five."

Tucker may have five favorites with more to think about because of new offers but he said he isn't in any hurry to make a decision. He will take all of his official visits later this year or early next year.

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