QUOTEBOARD: Avent, Rodon Discuss Loss

DURHAM, N.C. -- NC State's Elliott Avent and Carlos Rodon discuss Saturday's loss to North Carolina.

Elliott Avent
"In a game like this, you still need to be able to plays. Emotionally, I just want to tip my hat-I hope everybody is as proud of him as we are- to Brett Austin for catching 18 innings. He caught one of the best pitchers in college baseball."

"How he (Rodon) pitched tonight, he has pitched so many great games here, he always pitches on the biggest stage, and tonight might have been the best I ever saw him pitch."

"Obviously, you've got to take away something from this ballgame. One thing we can take away-to play on this stage even though we made a couple of errors and we left 17 runners on base-what we've got to take back to Raleigh is, I am sure everybody in the country was watching this game. If you watched this game, you obviously understand it is two national seeds in this game. If we are not a national seed, I'll just be shocked."

"I want to give them (North Carolina) all the credit. Their pitching, Hobbs Johnson was outstanding. That's probably the most I've seen him in the zone of all the times I've seen him pitch. He really commanded the strike zone, much better than I've seen Hobbs command it, so tip your hat to him. We had trouble catching up to his fastball early. He just pounded the zone. Then Trent Thornton came in, obviously he went a lot longer than he normally goes and he pounded the zone too."

"We will watch the (selection) show on Monday and then we go back to Doak to get some work in, I am sure it will be a lot easier to get their (N.C. State players) attention on two-strike approach, putting the ball in play, and- you can give Carolina credit-but there is other good pitchers out there in the country and we have got to be equally effective to make sure this doesn't happen again."

"This might be, as tough as it is to swallow tonight, maybe the next game will be the eye-opener to make sure we are playing to go to Omaha in a couple of weeks."

Carlos Rodon
"It stings a little bit. They are a good ballclub. We played pretty much two games today. It is just a tough loss. Everybody gave their all and there is not much you can do about that."

"I definitely learned something on that play (the fielding error in eighth inning). I will never take my eye off the ball. Ground ball to first, you're always going to first as a pitcher, so I was getting over and I was waiting for Tarran. I was looking for a double play there, I had my eye on Tarran until I got to first and then I was looking at second and the ball just got on me. I guess he didn't go to second with it; he went to first with it. I just got caught by surprise there."

"It was a great atmosphere, pretty amazing; both fans from each side put their heart and soul into cheering. We tried to pull out a win and gave it all we could. It was fun to play."

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