Avent: "They Are Very Talented"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Elliott Avent met with the media following Thursday's practice. The Wolfpack will start Ethan Ogburn in the opener against Binghamton.

"Having him back is good. He's got a few starts under his belt, so he feels comfortable out there. We know his arm is fresh, and we like what we've seen the last couple of starts. That will be big for us down the stretch."

"He won't be on a pitch count. He's capable of going as long as he needs to go."

"Oh yeah. Three reasons Binghamton, Ole Miss, and William & Mary. We've got to beat them.""

"This team is good enough to do that. This team is good enough to win a national championship, and that's what they expect. There is a road to travel down to get there, and we know a lot of things happen down that road."

"I think we'll play well. We had a great week of practice. We played well the last half of the season, 30-something games. I think we'll play well."

"Things just happen. There are other good teams too. Obviously any team from this league is capable of winning it."

"This program has never been about glitz and glamor. It's been about dirtbag and grinding it out, competing... that's what I think NC State has always been about and it's what we try to accomplish with our players."

"Brian Adametz and Grant Clyde really epitomize that for our team. If you look at what we did the last half of the season and if you look at what they did the last half of the season, they kind of go hand-and-hand." P> "Carlos Rodon has found his groove and he's been pretty much incredible since he's been here but the last three or four starts really, really good."

"Ethan Ogburn almost pitched a no-hitter down at Charlotte, and other good starts around that. He's been here for four years and been in big games, pitched every Friday night game pretty much last year, and this is a role he embellishes."

"Brad Stone has been very consistent. We mentioned Logan Jernigan coming back and putting good starts together. We're very comfortable with where the starting rotation is right now."

"Certain players step up that you're not expecting to step up."

"Everybody is here for a reason and no one player got them there, but everybody has marque players that contribute to their teams."

"Two of our guys played with Bobby Wahl from Ole Miss on Team USA."

"When you get here it's about a team, it's not about individuals."

"I think they are very talented and they come from a great league."

"It's a great league. When you compete in that kind of league... it builds a certain toughness."

"If there is pressure, that's only what you put on yourself or what others try to put on you."

"They've fought all year to be in this situation."

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