VIDEO: Pack Players Ready For Regional

RALEIGH N.C. -- Carlos Rodon, Trea Turner, and Brett Williams discuss the Raleigh Regional with the media.

"I actually worked with him when I was younger he was one of my pitching coaches, so I've known him for a little bit."

"We're going to try our best and we're going to compete to get there."

"He's a great mentor."

"That's something to be happy about I believe. We're looking forward to getting this regional started. Last year was a great regional and I'm glad we're hosting it again. It should be fun."

"I think that should be a motivator for sure. I'm definitely motivated by it but that happens. You can't control where you're seeded. You can only control what you can do on the field."

"Let's go practice, let's go out there and practice... we actually, right after we found out who we were hosting we came out here and started practicing."

"I'm sure it motivates some of us, but it was something we were really excited about to start off with, just the idea of being a national seed."

"We're looking forward to playing some of these teams... nothing changes. We have all the motivation that we need."

"All year we've handled adversity really well, whether it be injuries, come-from-behind victories, which we have a lot of this year, that just really has us ready for the postseason."

"We feel comfortable in any situation, any game, and I think that's huge for us going into the postseason."

"You're going to have games like the Carolina game we played over at the Durham Bulls park."

"Every team comes in thinking they are going to win just like we think we're going to win. It happens all the time. We're not going to take anyone lightly and we're going to do what we've done all year."

"It's win or go home now. We're excited."

"This could be my last chance playing in front of these fans and at this place... I'm going to try and keep it going as long as possible."

"I couldn't be anymore proud. This team has come so far, just grown together... I feel like this was the tighest we've ever been as a team."

"It's awesome playing in front of these fans."

"You have to. If you linger on that too long it's going to come back to bite you."

"We're moving on from that and we're ready to play the three teams here in our regional."

"It's win or go home, so you already have enough motivation as it is."

"We know that we can't overlook Binghamton, we can't overlook William & Mary, we can't overlook Ole Miss. As much as we want to play Oregon, they might not make it out of their regional."

"We have to take it one game as a time, focus on tomorrow, get the first 'W' and move on from there."

"We compete and we're confident. We want to win every little thing there is, whether it's a pitch in an at-bat or the whole game."

"We've proven that we can beat some of the better teams and also hang with some of the better teams. If Carolina is the No. 1 team in the nation and we can hang with them then we can probably play with anybody in the nation."

"Not at all. It's very realistic. Last year we had lower expectations and we were still only two wins away from Omaha. We probably have a better shot at it this year I would think."

"A lot of teams make it there that you don't expect, so I say, 'Why not?'"

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