Avent Talks William & Mary Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Both head coaches and several players met with the media following NC State's 1-0 victory.

"We always have great respect for the other team."

"We always try to focus, first and foremost, on what they were able to do to shut us down, and [John] Farrell – it's easy to see how he won 11 ballgames and lost only two. He had really good stuff, he was really competitive, kept the ball down in the zone and worked both sides of the plate very effectively."

"They played great defense for him and it was a great baseball game."

"I'm glad we came out on top."

"There's been some great pitchers in college baseball, and obviously there was another one on the other side of the field tonight."

"I hate to use a lot of terms, but for me, the best pitcher I've ever had, and we've had some great ones in Mike Rogers, Joey Devine, Andrew Brackman, Jake Buchanan, Jimmy Gilheeny, the list goes on and on for me. I might can use the best I've ever had, and I don't use that term often."

"The most incredible thing about his storyline tonight, for me, was how effortlessly he threw, and how he could corral his emotions with the emotion of the stadium."

"This is a very close-knit group of players. They all live together, they all love one another, they do a lot together and they want to win so much for one another."

"If you try to corral that into one night's game, and I look down at the box score and he didn't walk anybody, I think that's incredible."

"I can understand how he won 11 games, but I don't know how he lost three games. He would stack up anywhere."

"He's quite a young man, and for him to say he pitched his best of the year, that says everything about him. Not only does he have great stuff, but to rise to this occasion, he's quite competitive and he's going to have a great future in professional baseball after William & Mary. That was a good baseball team."

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