Mitchell: "It's A Great Situation"

Arkansas quarterback transfer Brandon Mitchell will compete for NC State's starting quarterback job this fall. He talks with Pack Pride in this exclusive Q&A.

Arkansas quarterback transfer Brandon Mitchell will compete for NC State's starting quarterback job. He talks with Pack Pride in this exclusive Q&A.

What are your initial thoughts on NC State's upcoming season?
I think they have a senior class of 19 so with me it would be 20. That's a big senior class... it's going to be a senior-driven team and that appealed to me.

There are a lot of guys with experience. The two running backs are coming back, the top four receivers are coming back... an experienced offensive line. It's a great situation for me to step in to.

Obviously you have to try and pick up the offense quickly to win the starting quarterback job. What are your thoughts on the offense?
I learned a lot about the offense while on my official visit. I was there watching film with coach Doeren and coach Canada.

With football, the only thing that changes is verbiage. All the plays are basically the same.

Coach Doeren likes an offense that will go through the quarterback... even with the run game.

Coach Canada loves to pass, so I think they have found a happy medium there. The offense that he wants to run... his offense always produces numbers and wins.

You bring both of those two together, and I think it's going to allow me to show my entire skillset. That's something that I'm looking forward to doing.

It sounds like you believe the offense will be multiple with different looks.
You can run I-formation and the pistol, but you can also run the spread where you can potentially use the running back as a lead blocker. That's big because you have to put an extra defender in the box.

It opens up all kinds of passing options outside of the box.

What did you think of your four years at Arkansas?
It was a great experience. I got to play against the best of teams... LSU, Mississippi State, Alabama... at quarterback. I've faced the best athletes and had some success.

I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

You were able to play behind Tyler Wilson, a NFL draft pick, and learn from Bobby Petrino. How do you think that will prepare you for this fall?
I think that experience will be big for me. We ran a very complex offense under coach Petrino, and I feel like that will help me be ready to pick up the offense quickly during fall camp.

The stuff you have to learn in the offense and instinctively play and be a leader on the field, I hope that's going to help me be ready to compete in August.

You mention your skillset. What did the coaches at NC State say they liked about you as a prospect? Why did they choose to pursue you given you only had one year of eligibility remaining?
They told me the thing that jumped out to them, first of all it wasn't the film it was the character off the field... from everyone they talked to, the sources they had.

They think I can be a leader. They think I can be a vocal leader.

From the film, I think they saw I had complete control of the offense.

Talk about your background and how that has developed your character.
I come from a hardworking family, my dad is one of sixteen kids and my mom is one of six. I take pride in being hard-working and all about the team. My grandfather taught us about the better good of everybody, so we all can prosper and grow together.

Is that why you made the move to wide receiver as a junior?
If I wasn't going to be the starting quarterback I knew I could try and do what I could to help the team win.

i did the same thing in high school. I knew I was going to be a starter as a sophomore, so I moved to safety so we could win games.

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