Avent: "I Don't Do Matchups"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Elliott Avent met with the media to discuss the Super Regional matchup with Rice.

"Fanbases get attached to toughness and I think that's what they like about this ballclub."

"I think momentum is an overused word. I think it's short-lived. Momentum in baseball is kind of the next day's starting position."

"Both teams deserve to be here and they know they belong."

"There were great players in that recruiting class that we knew were going to be a great compliment to the players that got all the attention."

"Nothing is accomplished without a great desire to win and that's what this ballclub has."

"You don't want a guy that can accept losing. When you start accepting losing... that's kind of a bad thing to have in sports."

"I don't do matchups."

"They've got great players and we've got great players. Probably the only bad matchup will be me against Wayne Graham."

"He wasn't in shape in the beginning, which we knew."

"We knew at the beginning of the season he'd probably be a little rusty."

"It's a hard game, it's a hard swing to get right."

"You want to repeat your swing... that's what all hitters are working on."

"The ankle injury was a big thing. For a guy with his speed and what he does on the bathpaths, to [hurt] his ankle was traumatic."

"The pride for everybody that has ever touched this program."

"I'm proud that the '68 team has embraced this team so passionately."

"I just believe that you work hard everyday, you look out for the things you can control and not try to worry about the things that are out of your control."

"If you made me pick one favorite player... Brett Austin, what he has done this year, I think he's been phenomenal, and it's not been touched on a lot. I've just been amazed with what he's done behind our plate."

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