VIDEO: Pack Players Ready For Super Regional

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Carlos Rodon, Tarran Senay, and Grant Sasser discuss the Super Regional with the media.

"We're ready to go. We're two games away and we have to take it one game at at time."

"Hopefully the weather holds up for us to play."

"That's huge, home field advantage... there is nothing else like it. Having the home crowd around you, getting rowdy and loud. There's nothing like it."

"I would assume it helps... playing at home obviously helps any team in any sport."

"It happened to happen this way. I guess we're glad we didn't get a national seed and we still get to host."

"They are a good hitting lineup. They've got a few big bopper bats... they can swing it. They can really pitch, I know that. They play some good defense. They are a really good all-around lineup."

"They are always out there to compete... I think they win that conference every year."

"It's definitely an exciting time. It's my last go-around. I definitely want to make it memorable."

"I've thought about it ever since I started getting recruited for baseball."

"It's definitely a dream and of course one of our top goals for the team."

"I've never been there. It's our top goal to get there and our main goal."

"I don't know if you can call it destiny, but we're just happy to bring the Super Regional here to Raleigh for the first time. We're excited and ready to play."

"We've got Avent's Army down there. It's pretty exciting and pretty fun to play in front of them."

"It's just a great feeling playing in front of hometown fans."

"Anything can happen. It's baseball."

"We started focusing on could we go to Oregon or would Rice be coming here."

"For us, the team has been focused on the next game that we have to be honest."

"As a game plays the situation changes."

"We go in there and our pitching staff is smart. We listen to our coaches."

"I've had a lot of questions about the bullpen.... it's the hitters and defense too."

"It's not really about one or two guys. It's exciting to know that we are doing our job."

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