NC State Postgame Press Conference

RALEIGH, N.C. -- North Carolina State Head Coach Elliott Avent and his Wolfpack players reflect on making the school's first trip to the College World Series since 1968.

Elliott Avent
"They keep plugging and keep grinding."

"[Ethan Ogburn] came out here in relief tonight and pitched the game of his life."

"I'm happy for everybody."

"I thought our approach was pretty good."

"Their pitching was phenomenal."

"Everybody we saw matches up in our league very, very well."

"Everybody they brought out was really, really good."

"Simms was a little more than advertised. He was really good."

"If you stick with things, occasionally it's going to break out."

"I don't think the baseball Gods think they owe anybody anything."

"If you complain you don't work hard, you cry, [this game] will tear you up."

"I'm sure that would be great. I'm sure the area would eat that up. Both teams on the over of Baseball America to start the season, that's never happened."

Tarran Senay
"It's our last go around so of course it's special to us."

"It doesn't matter how we get the 'W,' as long as we get the win."

"It's definitely special."

Ethan Ogburn
"I probably wouldn't have liked coach that much if he would have said, 'That's it.'"

"I was confident."

I was confident that we could get after them."

Brett Williams
"We got to do it in front our fans, this is awesome."

"It's going to be the best memory of my life."

"You only really enjoy something like that after you come out on top."

Brett Austin
"It was big."

"He's a great pitcher."

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