Avent: "It's Unbelievable"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Elliott Avent met with the media to discuss the College World Series.

"It's so great for college baseball in this area."

"Look at our crowds, they led to this... they led to the expansion."

"These crowds have led to the growth here at NC State in baseball, so playing your rival in Omaha is going to add more fuel to that, and I'm all about getting better facilities."

"They've had two days off. I've had from whenever that game ended to 3:30 in the morning, that was my high."

"Our pitching has looked good constantly all year. That's what we've done because we have so many arms that are versatile."

"We have a deep bullpen and good starters that are getting more confident as we go, so we're excited about going out there with our pitching staff."

"You have to understand, I grew up a NC State fan. Every State-Carolina basketball game, football game, I've been there. It's fun, and if you like to competing and I love competing... that will be extra special."

"It wouldn't matter who we play, we're excited about going out there and we'll give it our best shot and see what happens."

"When Trea was hurt, that's when he gave us his best leadership moments..."

"It's unbelievable what our seniors have given us."

"They just kept giving to the team, and that's why we are here, our senior leadership."

"It's been a process. From Joey Devine to Aaron Bates... the phone calls, the text messages, the tweets, the emails... everybody knows they've played a part in this."

"That's rewarding. That's kind of cool that we have so many people tied to this program."

"I got in this business because I love baseball #1 and players #2."

"This is a proud program that goes through all three of those coaches and probably beyond."

"I saw the last inning, but other than that I saw bits and pieces."

"They tweaked the bats a couple of years ago and took a big bite out of the power in the game."

"Speed became more of an emphasis because of what's happened to the bats."

"I didn't have a dog in the fight. We coach our team."

"I didn't watch any of that game so there wasn't an opportunity to pull for anybody. We're about preparing for people not pulling for people."

"You don't win without a team."

"You have to have the premier guys.. you've got Brett Austin, Trea Turner, Carlos Rodon, three pretty good guys."

"We are the epitome of a team and our players understand the lift Carlos gives us and they think he's awesome, so do I."

"I think we're 30-4 in our last 34 games against great competition. That builds confidence."

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