VIDEO: Pack Players Ready For World Series

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Carlos Rodon, Trea Turner, and Tarran Senay discuss the College World Series with the media.

"It's pretty surreal. It really hasn't hit home yet. I don't think it will until we're actually there. It feels great."

"I guess I'm seeing the ball well. I think I struck out four times the other day, but it only matters what you do at the end I guess."

"I think we owe them another game... it's going to be a tough one, but it's going to be fun."

"It feels very special."

"We know we have to play a good team, regardless of who we play."

"It's a pretty cool deal."

"I think we've built confidence over the season."

"We're not going up there to just play two games."

"I watched a little bit of it, it was a good game."

"It should be fun. I hope you guys are watching."

"It was a great feeling when we got that last out."

"There is nothing like it."

"From the guys that have been there before I've heard it's like nothing else."

"He's caught everyone of our pitchers... there's nothing like having Austin behind the plate."

"I'm ready for him to get that bat going again. It's going to come. He's a great hitter."

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