Locker Room Report: NC State

OMAHA, Neb. -- Elliot Avent and several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's 8-1 win over UNC on Sunday afternoon at the College World Series.

Elliot Avent

"It's about his fastball command for me - and he has his fastball command today. He wasn't overthrowing the baseball."

"I watch his breathing a lot - because he can get upset a little bit. So I watch his breathing to see where he's at."

"This is cool. This is mini-BCS championship or mini-Super Bowl. The fanfare is ridiculous."

Carlos Rodon
"When I'm down in the zone is when I'm good."

"When I can put that fastball anywhere I want it to - that's when I know [I'm locked in]."

"It's surreal to be able to play your rival in Omaha."

Grant Clyde
"Twice in the triceps, once in the knee."

"I didn't get hit but five times all year and then I show up to the World Series and get beaned three times - I dunno how to explain it."

"That would be a pretty cool record - be a pretty tough record to break. That may stand for awhile."

"Oh shoot - especially with Carlos. We have that disease where we have our ace out there and we score one run and hope for the best."

"Today we showed up and it was an onslaught it seemed like - it was amazing."

Brett Austin

"It felt good - I can't even describe it - just a sigh of relief to go up there and finally square up a ball."

"A slump is a slump - that happens, that's baseball. You just have to stay even-keeled and continue to go out there and compete."

"When you give him a little run support you can relax a little more and go do what we did."

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