Locker Room Report: Elliott Avent

OMAHA, Neb. -- NC State head coach Elliott Avent met with the media to discuss the loss to UCLA.

Elliott Avent

"They hit their spots, they throw strikes, they get ahead, and they make you beat them."

"You get that bunt down there, I don't know... a SAC fly would have worked too."

"We walked three guys and they scored two runs. There you go."

"Logan Jernigan may have had a blister on his finger."

"They got the blooper just over Ratledge's out-stretched glove."

"Everybody replays games."

"I'll go back and replay every pitch in this game... you have to deal with things to put them behind you."

"If you act like it doesn't exist then you are a fool."

"Sometimes well isn't good enough, and it wasn't tonight."

"UCLA is an opportunistic team."

"I don't think they've lost in the postseason yet, and I think they do it with great pitching and taking advantage of opportunities."

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