Wilson: "I Love NC State"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson held his passing academy at NC State's practice fields. During a break in camp he fielded questions from the media.

Russell Wilson

"It's awesome to be back in Raleigh and be able to run this camp. The passing academy for the inner city kids, it's really an honor to be here. They are all special kids an they all work so hard."

"It's pretty impressive. I told them to keep their head down and working hard."

"We have a dream tent over here that they are all going over to and they get to play video games and be able to dance out their dreams."

"I told them to write out their dream, their sports dream but also their life dream."

"American Family Insurance and I partnered up to develop that idea."

"It's an awesome experience to be able to be the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. It's a tremendous honor, and it's really an exciting experience for me."

"Just the energy. When I come back here, I graduated from here and it's a great school. I had a great experience here playing football with great people."

"I've met the new coach, I met him when we played at Wisconsin, and I just have a great vibe from him and their whole staff."

"Being around their new staff, they are a young and ambitious staff that really has a drive... something special. You can feel it. It's cool to be here."

"I was never worried. I had great relationships with people here and great friends that I built through my teammates, and amazing fans here as well."

"It's a good experience."

"I tried to find a way, the WolfBadger was it? It wasn't that huge a deal. I love NC State, and I love Wisconsin. Both schools are really special. I met great, great people at both schools and both have tremendous alumni. I just want to be a part of both."

"To graduate in three years and be able to play football and baseball at NC State. To be able to have a wonderful opportunity to play in an awesome conference, the Big Ten, and to play in the Rose Bowl... it's changed my life for the better."

"I was ready to play. I was up to the challenge, that's for sure. I'm very grateful to be the starting quarterback, and you just wan to keep working."

"No, I graduated from here in three years and it was an honor to be here. I knew it was going to be good for me. The coach here, coach D, is an awesome coach. Just to be around him and to spend time with him, I met him actually when I was at Wisconsin and we played Northern Illinois."

"Just to be around him, a great family man it seems like, he's young, he has a young staff, they are doing really well in recruiting supposedly. It's good to be back here."

"Growing up, I've had some really good situations in my life, some decent ones, some not so good ones, I lost my dad, I've gone through a lot."

"I want to own my own company and do my own things, but also, I want to be the best quarterback to ever play the game. I have a long way to go to get there, but you take one day at a time, you stay in the moment."

"We have a bunch of former teammates out here with me. I have one of my teammates that plays with me in Seattle, J.R. Sweezy... he's done a tremendous job. He's a great football player. You've got guys like Jake Vermiglio, Tobais Palmer, Curtis Underwood, Earl Wolff is out here.... there are so many other guys too, Wayne Crawford is a good friend."

"These kids want an opportunity just like we got an opportunity."

"I've let coach Avent have a couple of days, let the blood pressure come back down. I was rooting for them so hard. They've done a tremendous job with how hard they've played."

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