Nnadi Enjoys Visit to NC State

Virginia Beach (VA) Ocean Lakes defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi talks about his recent visit to NC State.

With offers on the table from Ohio State, Florida State, Virginia Tech, NC State, UNC, Penn State and approximately 30 others, Virginia Beach (VA) Ocean Lakes defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi literally has his choice of college for the next four years.

At 6-2, 295 pounds Nnadi is a dominating defensive tackle with an NFL-type build. He is rated a four-star prospect and the nation's 10th best defensive tackle by Scout.com.

Nnadi recently made an unofficial visit to NC State with several other Virginia prospects and had positive things to say about his time in Raleigh.

"It was actually a nice visit," he said. "I really like seeing how the coaches coach these kids when they mess up and it was pretty good.

"Coach McNutt is recruiting me and he's been on me since he offered me my sophomore year. He's a cool dude. He doesn't quit. So that's something to say about him. He knows what he likes and he keep attacking it. So that's cool."

With so many offers Nnadi said narrowing his choices down has been difficult but he knows what he's looking for in a future school.

"It's hard for me to narrow it down but it boils down to me picking a school with a nice academic record and a school with a nice winning record but even if they're losing, how hard do they work for it."

So what does he feel NC State offers?

"It's better with them being close to home because it's only two hours and they're a school I've gotten more interested in."

Despite the interest, the Wolfpack still finds themselves outside Nnadi's top six.

"My top six right now are Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan State."

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