QUOTEBOARD: Gottfried On Pack's Roster

Here is a collection of quotes from Mark Gottfried on this year's NC State Wolfpack basketball team...

Redshirt Senior Center Jordan Vandenberg
Vandenberg's work in the weightroom...
"At the end of the season this year I put Jordan on the scales at 286, which was just entirely too heavy. He's about 262 right now, and if he's not at 250 when we start practice he won't have a locker... he's got some work to do because we need him to be good."

Thoughts on Vandenberg emerging this season:
He has to step forward as a fifth-year senior and get serious about improving and being ready to contribute. But, he's on his way."

Redshirt Junior Wing Ralston Turner
What do you expect from Ralston?
"I think Ralston is going to be a very solid player in the ACC, which he was in the SEC. He's one of these young guys that you'd hav ea hard time finding anybody that would breathe a negative word about him."

Describe his game...
"He's a wing player. He's 6'7 and got a lot stronger. He's worked on his three-point shot a lot this year and we're hoping it carries over. He brings an element of character to our team that we're all excited about."

Junior Guard Desmond Lee
Expectations for a junior college recruit...
"When you sign a junior college kid at this level, most of the time that first year is transition... if you can get one great year out of a junior college player we're lucky.

Expectations for Desmond Lee...
"I think that Desmond [Lee] will come in ready to go. He's an older person, he's 23 years old right now, and brings maturity from that perspective to our team.

"As far as how much guys play and who is in what role. I would anticipate him being a pretty big part this year of what happens with our team."

Sophomore Point Guard Tyler Lewis
Can Tyler and Cat play together?
"I think even in the pick-up games that our guys have played, the word is that he and Tyler really feed off each other and like playing together. We'll see how all that works out. We're excited about both of those two guys."

Tyler's leadership...
"I can see Tyler Lewis already beginning to emerge as a guy that is willing to step forward and be out front."

Sophomore Forward T.J. Warren
What do you want to see T.J. improve on?
"There is a long list of things. Obviously, he's very talented, but we want to see him just as interested in his defense and rebounding as he is scoring.

"I want him to have a better grasp of our offense... things that we're doing offensively and defensively."

What is his role this season?
"He's in a completely different role this year.

"Now, he's in a position where his team is going to need him to be good in every area, every night. So he's in a completely different role then he was a year ago."

Freshman Point Guard Anthony Barber
Thoughts on Barber...
"With Cat [Barber]... he's very talented guy that is extremely quick that we're really excited about. Right now, the most important thing is for him to get situated in school, get his classes started, really learn what college life is like academically.

"Learning what is expected of him on the court, in the weight room with our strength and conditioning... we can begin to work with a guy like Cat, offensive things, defensive things that we want to teach him. I think he's going to be an awfully good player over time."

Freshman Center BeeJay Anya
Thoughts on Anya:
"BeeJay Anya has a lot of potential. He has to lose a lot of weight, we have to do a great job of getting him in shape. His Jenny Craig program has started immediately. He'll be doing commercials for Weight Watchers here soon, but he has a long ways to go."

Freshman Forward Kyle Washington
Thoughts on Washington:
"Kyle Washington has a lot of potential."

Freshman Forward Lennard Freeman
Thoughts on Freeman:
"Lennard Freeman is a big, burly team player who will take charges and rebound."

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