Johnson: "It's Been Great"

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State cornerback Dontae Johnson is representing NC State at the 2013 ACC Kickoff and he met with the media on Sunday. Here is a sampler of what Johnson had to say to the writers.

Dontae Johnson ACC Kickoff Audio

"It's definitely an honor to be put in that spotlight. To be looked upon by my teammates to make plays and contribute more than I did last year. It's something I look forward to doing, and I'm ready for the challenge."

"I welcomed it during the offseason by training harder. Covering dynamic receivers and the best receivers on the opposing team. I'm looking forward to it."

"The new atmosphere is great. It's a different staff, but now the staff has a lot of energy, passion, motivation and they want to get players in position to make plays."

"There is only so much you can do on defense. A lot of the cover schemes are all pretty much the same, but we have some different wrinkles, calls, different techniques. A lot of the defense is pretty much the same."

"I pride myself on leading by example. I make sure I do the right thing on and off the field."

"It's more welcoming. They invite us up to the office to sit down and talk about life, football, school, anything going on in our lives. They welcome us, and it's something new. You look forward to it as a player, and it gives you that sense of family. It's more fun."

"It's been great. Especially last year. Three of our guys are in the NFL. We're just trying to continue that tradition and make sure that rolls on. Hopefully we can become known for being one of those universities."

"With the home games, that benefits us a lot. It's a great thing. Playing in front of our fans hopefully will motivate us and give us that extra passion, that kick. We're playing 10 of our games in state, that should help as well. We feed off our fan base."

"The coaching staff might have changed, but we have the same group of core players. We just have to believe in the system and go out and execute."

"Going back on the UNC loss, it's one of those bad tastes in our mouths. We hope to capitalize on the opportunity to play them in Carter-Finley. We'll see what happens."

"Coach Doeren came in and pretty much wanted to make sure we hold ourselves accountable. What you do off the field is what you're going to do on the field. Not going to class, missing a meeting, it translates onto the field. To the long pass, to the interception thrown. He tries to hold us accountable off the field."

"(The coaching change) forced the team to come together, and it's helped us in the long run because it forced us to do something. Going forward into the season we have that bond."

"You always get anxious about something new. We definitely look forward to camp, excited for the season to start. We're just excited to see what happens, because it's something new."

"The biggest thing I've had to adjust to is being more accountable. Making sure we hold people accountable, relying on your teammates. Those are the ones that will be in the battle with you, so we just have to trust one another and know they'll be there on and off the field."

"D.J. Green is a great asset, he's physical, strong, he can cover sideline-to-sideline and he's smart. He anticipates things. Getting him back is going to help us a lot this year, and it's going to be a pleasure playing with him."

"By us having 8 home games and two other away games in state, our fans will travel. It's going to be great. That's the support that we need."

"I think Twitter is a great tool to use with the young guys (in recruiting), just catching up with everyone else. Since we're not doing anything, you have to find other creative ways to make recruits realize how good NC State is. I'm totally cool with it. It's like my mom texting me, it's great. That is how our generation connects."

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