Smith: "It's A Great Opportunity"

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State wide receiver Rashard Smith is representing NC State at the 2013 ACC Kickoff and he met with the media on Sunday. Here is a sampler of what Smith had to say.

Rashard Smith ACC Kickoff Audio

"When I played on both sides of the ball I usually watched more defensive film because that's what I played the most. Now, I play receiver a lot. I practice with the offense the first half of practice and then switch to the defense."

"It's too early to tell. Right now, everybody is questioning who is going to be the quarterback. Now we have to get everybody to buy in. Now that we're going into camp, it's going to be fun come Aug. 31 to see how the offense turns out."

"It's hard. You have to make sure that your team is in shape. You have to make sure everyone can see the boards on the sideline. You have to be mentally focused to run that type of offense."

"It's kind of hard to tell who will win the quarterback job. We're as excited as everyone else is."

"He's a fun guy to be around, he cares about the players. He's a very outgoing person, and the type of guy you like to be around."

"It's a great opportunity. Starting with a new coach, we'll be his first football team. If we work hard, compete and win football games, and win an ACC Championship, we'll go down as one of his best teams."

"Sometimes we underachieve. Sometimes people don't believe in us and we overachieve. We have great players on our team, and we have to compete with other teams that have great players."

"Playing in Carter-Finley sends chills down your spine. Nothing like playing in front of 60,000 plus fans. You go to other places who sit more than Carter-Finley, but playing at home is the people you know. It's a great place to be in."

"The (coaches) don't bring up (last season) at all. This is a new beginning. Just like the old coaching staff never brought up the season before. We can't dwell in the past. We have a new staff, embrace what they're coaching us and go from there."

"We've been up and down, we just have to be more consistent. When the new staff got here, they met with all the seniors and asked each player what the biggest concern was. A lot of players mentioned being inconsistent. We have to treat every game the same. Sometimes we probably didn't treat the games we lost like we did the Florida State game."

"The biggest difference is the style of offense. That's the biggest difference, adjusting to that and the new offense."

"It's understandable (that expectations would be low) coming in with a new coach, a new quarterback, a new offense. That comes with changing coaches and losing guys in the secondary. We have to make sure we don't live by what everybody else is saying. As long as we believe in each other and the people inside the room, that's all that matters."

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